The trees

To day, we become aware of the importance of the tree for the safeguarding of humanity.

The tree is one of the main agents of protection against climate change. Under house arrest, the object of mercantile covetousness, neglect and indifference, he demands our attention. Let’s not shoot without necessity according to the NFB’s criteria!

With your contribution, let’s meet him as a citizen-walker, with photos, texts and games! In this dialogue between texts and photos, the tree has a lot to tell us for the present and for the future...


Historical trees in Paris

They lived like the elm of Saint-Gervais, they survived like the robinia of the square Viviani, they carry like a charm like the sophora of Japan of "Jardin des Plantes".

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Bandeau concours arbre

Tree species

About 2OO tree species were counted in metropolitan France. A tiny part of these essences appears in our "dico" at random of the meeting. they are not all remarkable, but by one aspect or another, near or far, they have awakened our curiosity. To reach the one you are interested in, click on its name.



Last edited: 15/07/2024