5 plants that changed the course of history

According to 50 plants that changed the course of Bill Laws' history, he wrote: "If plants disappeared, we would disappear too. But these plants are so much part of our decor that we hardly pay attention to them. Do we really observe the vegetation that surrounds us when we walk in the forest, or when we drive in front of fragrant lavender plantations, or by train near wheat fields? Did you know that there are 250,000 to 300,000 species of flowering plants?

  • 1/ During his trip that lasted nearly 3 years, with what fruit did Captain Cook feed his men to cure scurvy?

  • 2/ Which plant was an antipaleduen before modern synthetic drugs?

  • 3/ Which plant contains salicylic acid that gave aspirin?

  • 4/ From what oil are today’s soaps made?

  • 5/ What does the koala eat?